Portable Power Station A50,1000W AC Output

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CALIFE has introduced the A50 , a 1000W portable power station that offers a significant increase in output and battery capacity over the previous model.

The peak power of 2000W can meet the vast majority of electrical appliances, and the battery capacity of 726Wh can meet the long life, so that your outdoor experience is better; Up to 11 output interfaces, TYPEC output supports 65W power, DC5521 output up to 120W power, solar panels support up to 126W input power, about 7 hours to fill the station.

Lightweight design, the A50 weighs only 6Kg and can be easily carried anywhere, whether you are camping, driving, fishing, it is a good companion.

The A50 uses a high-performance battery, which can be used at extremely low temperatures, the capacity does not decay, and has excellent safety performance, and the intelligent BMS system monitors the entire system in real time .


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