• 5500W

    PV Input Power 5500W Max.

  • Transfer Time is 10 ms, Line model to battery model

    Support different types of batteries

  • Input priority can be set

    The inverter module is based on full-digital intelligent design

Provide Reliable backup power

Automatic detection & switchover

Technical Specification
Model CLF-W5000/A
  Battery Input Data
Battery Type Lead-acid or Lithium-ion
Battery Voltage Range (V) 42~61
Max. Charging Current (A) 80
Max. Discharging Current (A) 100
Charging Curve 3 Stages / Equalization
Charging Strategy for Li-Ion Battery Self-adaption to BMS
  PV String Input Data
Max. DC Input Power (W) 5500
Max.PV Input Voltage (V) 450
Start-up Voltage (V) 120
MPPT Voltage Range (V) 120~430
Max.PV Input Current (A) 80
No.of MPP Trackers 1
  AC Output Data
Rated AC Output Power (W) 5000
AC Output Rated Current (A) 22.7
Peak Power(VA) 10000VA
Power Factor 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
Output Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Voltage 208/220/230/240Vac;L/N/PE
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) ≤3%
Voltage Regulation ≤±5%
  AC Input Data
Rated Input Voltage(V) 220
Input Voltage Range(V) 90~280
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Frequency Range 40~70Hz
Rated Input Current (A) 22.7
Max. Efficiency 97.6%
Battery Model 94%
Output Over Current Protection Yes
Output Shorted Protection Yes
Surge Protection Yes
Output Over Voltage Protection Yes
PV High Voltage Protection Yes
AC High Voltage Protection Yes
AC Low Voltage Protection Yes
  Certifications and Standards
Safety / Standard EN/IEC 61000, EN/IEC 62040, GB/T 7260, GB/T 4943, YD/T1095, TLC
  General Data
Operating Temperature Range (℃) -15℃~45℃>45℃ derating
Relative Humidity 5%~95%
Cooling Smart cooling
Noise (dB) ≤50dB
Max. Operating Altitude 4,000 m (Derating above 1000 m)
Display LCD
Communication with BMS RS485
Weight (kg) 9
Size (mm) 489(H)*303(W)*118(D)
Package Content
  • · 1 X CLF-W5000 5KW Solar Hybrid Inverter

  • · 1 X Battery Cable

  • · 1 X User Manual

  • How can l know the working time for my device

    You can calculate the working time using the formula: Working time = 500Wh*0.85/operating power of your device. For example, if the power consumption of your device is 60W, the estimated working time would be approximately 7 hours. Please note that actual power consumption may vary based on different usage scenarios.


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