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      The 8th World Battery Industry Expo & Asia-Pacific Battery Exhibition and Energy Storage Exhibition was grandly opened in Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex on August 8th. The exhibition time of this expo will be from August 8th to 10th. The exhibition hall, with a total area of more than 100,000 square meters, attracted a total of 1,205 battery, energy storage, and photovoltaic industry chain companies to participate in the exhibition. The number of booths was 3,957, which was nearly double that of the previous session; among them, there were 476 battery and energy storage exhibitors; The number of visitors will reach 100,000! Overseas buyers will reach 10,000 person-times. The exhibition scope includes: outdoor energy storage, photovoltaic system, power battery, energy storage battery and system, 3C battery, portable energy storage power station and home energy storage system.

     There are as many as 100 portable energy storage and home energy storage manufacturers participating in this exhibition, focusing on the latest technology in the industry; it can be clearly seen that outdoor energy storage is developing in a smarter direction, and the communication with the mobile terminal is also more convenient. Capacity and power are designed to meet the needs of professional users. There are also many new products for home energy storage. Smarter photovoltaic hybrid inverters and energy storage batteries provide support for home users’ electricity consumption and realize clean energy for households; new photovoltaic panels have greater efficiency. Compared with The old technology can increase the energy by about 20% in the same period of time, completely independent of the grid, and can realize the electricity consumption of ordinary households for a day.

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      Under the general trend of carbon-neutral development, the energy storage industry responds to the dual-carbon strategy, actively promotes technological innovation and industrial scale, and contributes to the realization of complete clean energy goals.


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