What is a hybrid solar inverter

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  Traditional inverters are divided into two categories, photovoltaic inverters and DC inverters. Photovoltaic inverters are mainly used in commercial power stations. Insufficient stability; DC inverters generally have low power and cannot support high-power electrical appliances. In order to meet the needs of home customers, engineers have developed smarter inverters that integrate multiple functions to satisfy users. demand for electricity.
Hybrid Solar Inverter

  Calife Technology's new W5000 series hybrid solar inverter can effectively increase the self-consumption rate of photovoltaic power generation, greatly reduce electricity expenses through output limitation and conversion of peak and valley electric energy, and even achieve energy independence; and support up to twice With overload output and UPS function, the switching time between mains power and battery power supply is less than 10 milliseconds, which is very friendly to inductive loads such as air conditioners and refrigerators, so you can use it with confidence. The W5000 series can not only save you electricity bills, but also guarantee your safety and freedom of electricity consumption during power outages and unstable grids.

  W5000 series hybrid solar inverter can be matched with suitable solar panels and lithium batteries, which can meet all your family's daily energy needs. When the sun is sufficient during the day, the electricity generated by solar panels can be directly used by household loads, and the excess energy To charge the battery, at night, the power of the battery is output to the household appliances and lights through the inverter.
Hybrid Solar Inverter

  The hybrid solar inverter can support a maximum AC output of 5kW, covering almost all household appliances, supporting 48V lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries, supporting solar panels with a maximum power of 5500W, and built-in MPPT function; in areas without electricity or electricity In unstable areas, hybrid photovoltaic inverters can play a huge role, allowing you to continue to have stable power.


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