Solar-rechargeable outdoor portable power station: Liberate Your Outdoor Travel

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When it comes to using portable energy storage solutions in outdoor settings, it's important to have reliable and sustainable power sources. In addition to using the car charging port, one effective option is to utilize solar panels to replenish the electricity in your power station. Solar panels with appropriate power can provide a secure and eco-friendly solution for your outdoor power needs.
Outdoor Portable Power Station

CALIFE Outdoor Outdoor Portable Power Station

CALIFE offers a range of outdoor portable power station options that support wide voltage input, making them compatible with various solar panels. These outdoor portable power stations can be charged using 12~36V solar panels. To optimize the charging process, CALIFE outdoor portable power stations are equipped with an integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) module. This module ensures that the power station consistently receives the maximum power input from the solar panels. Additionally, CALIFE provides users with MC4 adapter cables, which are waterproof and enable safe outdoor use.

Choosing the Right Solar Panel

To maximize the effectiveness of your solar panel, it's crucial to select one with an appropriate power rating. Let's take the CALIFE A21 model as an example. This power station has a battery capacity of 518.4Wh, and we recommend aiming for an optimal charging time of approximately 4 hours per day. However, if you require fast recharging during extended outdoor use, a solar panel with a power rating of 120W would be ideal. After factoring in efficiency, this panel can fully charge the A21 power station in about 5 hours. Furthermore, the 120W solar panel is designed to be compact and portable, making it easy to fold and carry.

For charging general electronic devices such as mobile phones and cameras, a 60W solar panel would suffice. In 5 hours, this panel can provide approximately 40% of the power needed to charge these devices. This level of charging capacity is more than sufficient for regular use. Moreover, the 60W solar panel is lighter and more affordable, making it a practical choice for outdoor enthusiasts.
Outdoor Portable Power Station A21


Using solar panels to recharge portable energy storage solutions is a reliable and sustainable option for outdoor power needs. CALIFE outdoor portable power stations are designed to support solar panel charging, with integrated MPPT modules and waterproof MC4 connectors. By selecting a solar panel with appropriate power, such as the 120W or 60W options, you can ensure efficient and effective charging of your power station. Embrace the power of the sun and enjoy uninterrupted power during your outdoor adventures.


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