Precautions for daily use and maintenance of portable power charging station

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Regular maintenance is essential for maintaining the performance and prolonging the service life of a portable outdoor power supply. Specifically, for the CALIFE Portable Power Station A21 and A31 models, here are some guidelines:
Portable Power Charging Station

Storage Bag

When not in use for an extended period, it is recommended to store the portable power charging station in the provided storage bag. This helps prevent dust from entering the machine through the heat dissipation grille, keeping the internals clean and protected.

Temperature Considerations

Avoid storing the portable power charging station in high-temperature environments exceeding 60℃. High temperatures can negatively impact battery performance and lifespan. It is best to keep the power station away from heat sources and areas with water or high humidity.

Battery Management System (BMS)

CALIFE portable power charging stations come equipped with a high-performance BMS system. This system continuously monitors the battery's status, even during periods of long-term storage. If low power is detected, the BMS will automatically protect the battery from over-discharging, ensuring its health and longevity.
Portable Power Charging Station A21

Charge Level

Before storing the portable power charging station for an extended period, it is recommended to charge the battery to approximately 90%. This level helps balance the battery's capacity and minimizes self-discharge during storage.


Based on actual testing, CALIFE portable power charging stations experience a reasonable self-consumption rate during storage. After three months of storage, the battery power is estimated to be around 85%. This level indicates that the self-discharge is within an acceptable range.
Portable Power Charging Station A31

By following these maintenance guidelines, you can ensure that your CALIFE portable power charging station A21 or A31 remains in optimal condition even during periods of non-use. This will help maintain the battery's performance and extend its overall service life.


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