How to charge the portable power station for self-driving tour?

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  When we travel by car, the Portable Power Station can bring us a convenient outdoor life. The power supply of mobile phones, computers and cameras, our tent lighting, portable refrigerators, drones and other equipment all need more power, so give the portable power station Fast charging is very important.

  There are 3 charging methods for the Calife portable power station, AC adapter charging, solar panel charging, and car charging. The AC adapter can quickly recharge the power station in places with sockets in hotels or restaurants, and the charging power can reach 100W; at the same time, our accessory package is equipped with a car charger conversion cable, which can be connected to the charging port in the car to power the portable power station. Charging, the maximum power is about 126W, depending on the maximum output power of your car; the portable power station also supports solar charging, you can choose a suitable solar panel to use together, the maximum input power can support 126W, and the voltage range is 12~36V , it will be most efficient when it is sunny. The portable power station supports the function of charging and discharging at the same time. When you are resting in the camp, connect the solar panel to charge the power station. At the same time, you can connect your charging load equipment. The solar energy will directly supply power to the load, and the excess energy will be used for the battery. Charging to achieve environmentally friendly and sustainable energy acquisition.
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