From business people to outdoor adventurers, how does a car battery jump start meet different needs

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A car battery jump start is a portable starting device that can provide power support when the car cannot be started. It uses a power battery with higher energy density as the energy storage medium, and can start almost all vehicles with a very small size to solve the problem of being unable to start due to battery damage or low voltage. With the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous changes in the market, sales in emerging markets continue to increase and products are repositioned, the automotive emergency starting power supply industry is facing unprecedented development opportunities and challenges.
Car Battery Jump Start

Analysis of main customer groups

The user groups of car battery jump start supplies mainly include long-distance driving and outdoor adventure enthusiasts, professional drivers, owners of old vehicles and environmental protection enthusiasts. We will introduce their actual and specific needs one by one.

For people who often go on long drives or outdoor adventures, a car battery jump start is an essential safety equipment. They can rely on emergency starting power to quickly start the vehicle in remote areas, bad weather or when the vehicle breaks down to ensure a smooth journey. The built-in USB charging and LED lighting functions of the starter power supply can be used as a safe backup for outdoor equipment and can provide necessary power support in emergencies.

Business people and professional drivers often need to drive for business trips or important events, and vehicle safety and reliability are of utmost importance to them. Equipped with a car battery jump start can provide them with additional protection, ensuring that the vehicle can start and run normally at critical moments without having to wait for a long time for rescue. Professional drivers such as taxi drivers, truck drivers, etc., due to the special nature of their work, their vehicles may face more starting problems and battery loss. Therefore, it is very necessary for them to be equipped with a car battery jump start.

Older vehicles often have poor battery performance and are prone to difficulty starting. In addition, as the service life of the vehicle increases, the capacity and storage capacity of the battery will gradually decrease, making it unable to meet long-term power demand. Therefore, for car owners who drive older vehicles, it is a very wise choice to equip them with a car battery jump start. It can start the vehicle in time when needed and meet the power demand to ensure driving safety.

Emergency personnel such as tow truck drivers, roadside rescue personnel, etc. need to quickly respond to various vehicle breakdowns and starting problems. They are usually equipped with a professional car battery jump start to ensure that the faulty vehicle can be quickly started and towed away from the scene. In addition, they can also use emergency starting power to provide temporary power support for faulty vehicles for further inspection and repair. For emergency rescue personnel, a reliable and efficient car emergency starting power supply is an indispensable piece of equipment.

The car emergency jump starter industry has experienced rapid development for decades. With continuous breakthroughs in battery technology, product updates and iterations are rapid. From the initial use of lead-acid batteries, which are the same as car batteries, to today's power lithium batteries, solid-state batteries, supercapacitors, etc., there are many types of products. Currently, almost all mainstream products use power lithium batteries.

The lithium batteries used in starting power supplies are different from ordinary consumer electronic batteries. Their chemical composition is different. The starting power supply can output a current of 500~3000A at the moment of operation, and can start large-displacement gasoline or diesel vehicles. The size of the current depends on battery capacity. Such a large current tests the stability of the battery and the safety management of the control system. The two most important features of this product are safety and stability. The shell is made of a combination of ABS+PC materials, which is lighter, heat-resistant, fire-proof, and has strong resistance to external impacts; the battery control system can identify short circuits and reversed positive and negative poles, and can cut off the connection between the car and the starting power supply in dangerous situations. connection, protecting the car and starter.

As consumers demand diversified functions, we have added more functions to the starter power supply, USB fast charging interface, DC output, LED lights, air pumps, etc.

1. Convenience: Car emergency jump starter s are usually designed to be compact and easy to carry and store, and can be quickly taken out and used when there is a problem with the vehicle.

2. Versatility: In addition to being used for car emergency starting, car emergency jump starter s also have other functions, such as charging mobile phones or other small electronic devices, inflating flat tires, and the DC interface can support some 12V vehicle equipment. .

3. Safety: The intelligent battery management system can monitor the current status of the battery. High temperature, overcurrent, and short circuit conditions will cut off the current output to protect the safety of the car and starter.

4. Good applicability: suitable for various 12V battery output cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, and professional work vehicles, including cars with different displacements.
Car Battery Jump Start

Typical application scenarios for car battery jump start include the following

1. Business travel: If you need to travel frequently, you can use the starting power supply as a backup. When the battery fails, the power is exhausted, and the car cannot be started, the starting power supply can quickly start the car and get out of trouble.

2. Emergency situations: In emergency situations, such as when the battery suddenly runs out of power, or when the car is parked in a remote area and there is no place nearby to get help, the emergency starting power supply can come in handy.

3. Harsh weather conditions: During the cold winter months, your car's battery may not function properly due to extreme temperatures. In this case, the emergency starting power supply can provide additional power to help start the car.

4. Battery aging or damage: Over time, the car battery may age or be damaged, resulting in the inability to start the car properly. In this case, a jump-start power supply can be used as a temporary solution to help start the car.

In general, the application scenarios of car battery jump starts are very wide, and they can play an important role whether in daily driving or under specific environmental conditions.

User concerns

1. Safety and Protection: The car battery jump start is 100% safe and has no sparks. The safety connection cable can reach various battery terminals, with 10 built-in smart safety protections, automatically detects connections, and the smart clip indicator light notifies incorrect operations in real time, and the system When a short circuit or reverse connection is detected, the protector will disconnect the battery's output to protect you and your vehicle.

2. Compatibility: Compact but powerful. With a maximum starting current of 3000A, the car battery jump start can instantly start your 12V vehicle (up to 8.0L gasoline engine/6.0L diesel engine). This car battery starter can be used in standby Approximately 24 months, always ready to help.

3. Product warranty and technical support: We provide 1-year warranty, lifetime technical support, and 7X24 customer service. If you need assistance, please contact our customer service specialists.


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