Function introduction of 1000W portable energy storage

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       CALIFE Technology's 1000W portable energy storage power station (model A50), general parameters: battery energy is 726Wh, maximum continuous output power is 1000W, battery type is power lithium battery, 2 AC Out ports, weight is 6kg, with LCD screen, The displayed content includes information such as current power and battery level.

       A50 has 2 USB-C ports, the power is 65W, PD3.0 protocol can support MacBook power supply and fast charging of Iphone, 4 USB-A ports can support 18W QC3.0 fast charging; the output has a separate switch control , after pressing the button, the green indicator light on the switch will light up, and you can start charging your device, which is safe and convenient. The DC Out part has two 5521 interfaces, which can support a maximum power of 120W, which can provide power for your small refrigerator, garden tools, and portable vacuum cleaners. The cigarette lighter interface supports a power of 120W, which can supply power for your car electrical appliances; the side of the fuselage There is a strong light, which can be used at night, and the light has an SOS function.

      The new power station is used for the first time, we need to activate it, because the machine is in the transport mode, we only need to connect the adapter to the AC socket, and insert the DC head into our charging port, and the screen will light up to activate the machine; After long pressing the power button for 1 second, the energy storage power supply will turn on, and we can use it normally after the screen lights up. When the AC output function is turned on, the cooling fan of the machine will run at a high speed, which is normal. The system is self-checking, and it will shut down and enter standby mode after completion. If the AC Out switch is always on, it will increase the power consumption of the power station. Please be sure to turn off the switch when the AC function is not in use.
1000W portable energy storage power station


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