CALIFE Portable Power Charging Station: Reliable and Convenient Outdoor Power Supply Solution

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Portable Power Charging Station

CALIFE portable power charging station is a reliable battery-powered storage system available in different sizes and power capacities to suit your needs. With multiple outlets including AC, DC, car charging ports, and USB, you can charge all your devices like cell phones, laptops, refrigerators, lights, electric blankets, and more. The CALIFE portable power charging station is a reliable backup power source that is easy to use, lasts for years and requires little maintenance. Whether you're camping, traveling in an RV, or experiencing a power outage, it'll keep your power supply worry-free.

Working principle and composition

Before we understand the working principle of outdoor power supply, let's first look at its internal components, including battery pack, inverter control, and main control system. The series and parallel connection of the battery pack can be used to output appropriate voltage and current, which can be connected to With the BMS control system, the battery pack can work more stably, and its charge and discharge will be protected. The inverter control system boosts the low-voltage DC power input from the battery to 230V AC power through complex calculations and processing to meet the needs of our electrical appliances; the main control system converts the battery voltage into USB-C, USB-A, DC12V and other outputs to To meet the charging needs of our mobile phones, laptops, and cameras, the system also constantly monitors the operating status and current power of the equipment. When encountering overcurrent, overtemperature, or equipment short circuit, the system can cut off the output in time to protect the safety of the power station and external equipment. . With the continuous improvement of battery technology, CALIFE portable power charging station will launch products with greater capacity and power. At the same time, the size and weight will be controlled to a suitable range. We believe that an excellent outdoor power supply must be high-power and small-sized. , so that we can easily carry it anywhere.
Portable Power Charging Station


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